François Wessels

Significance Catalyst

“Ring the bells that still can ring

Forget your perfect offering

There is a crack in everything

That’s how the light gets in.”

Leonard Cohen

Our belief is to embrace the cracks in our lives in order for our light to shine through – possibility dwells in incompleteness and in our imperfections. We endeavour to assist clients in learning to live a passionate life with soulful awareness of the wonder of life.

Having studied and taught Mathematical Statistics early on in life before he embarked on theological studies and specialising in Narrative Therapy, François Wessels developed an appreciation for both the analytical and the imaginative. This allows him to adopt a holistic approach to the co-creation of new possibilities, for individuals as well as corporate clients. 

The symbols in our logo represents our values – the Southern Cross showing us the way, the Pentecost and Cross representing our values intricately woven around the individual. This represents our mission to be a compass to individuals to expand their inner perspectives and awareness to foster inner growth.


The personal and business benefits gained from coaching in corporate transformation were invaluable. Francois was sensitive to the time constraints of a company and optimised his schedule to our needs. He effectively dealt with the key objectives agreed upon in our first meeting and engaged effectively with all staff.   

The qualities I appreciate about Francois are that he has vast business experience, is prepared, structured, objective, clear, concise, patient and exceptionally sensitive to staff and business needs. I believe every business operating a team needs to have an annual “reset” button whereby they go through a similar experience and are reminded they all work as a team, with common and shared values. I highly recommend Francois to any company requiring this level of support and have every intention to engage Francois on an annual basis for our general company health.

Tracy Burger, MC Pharma Group

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